Thursday, February 19, 2009

Maggie is 7!

Her school style-pigtails for her Birthday!
I saw these in a Woman's Day mag, petit fours-they were so good and so cute!
Cupcakes at Grandma's
Getting ready to go to McDonald's
Maggie in her new dress from Mina and Papa
Well, Maggie, our one child that wasn't born or due in November(out of five!), celebrated her birthday today. Just seven years ago she came into the world 3 days early and with a little drama-that is so Maggie's style! It's hard to believe this little bundle of joy is now a high-spirited, sharp witted, determined, compassionate and energetic little girl! Oh and she is so much like me, it's kind of scary! Mom, you will love this. Her last report card said she is a fine learner but has some trouble talking to the people who sit next to her-sound familiar??
She started the day with a phone call from Dad who is in Kansas City this week followed by a celebration at school with chocolate cupcakes with white icing and red sprinkles of course! After school, Grandma and Grandpa Rose took us out to a very exclusive children's restaurant...McDonald's. We had more cupcakes back at Grandma's, then finished off the evening with a phone call from Mina and Papa. It was flabulous(that is how Mag's pronounces it)

These are a little fuzzy

Look at my little skiier go!
On the lift

I forgot that Brian had emailed these pics of Katie on the slope from his blackberry....they are fuzzy but still shareable!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here Lately...

Goofing off after dinner tonight
See my scarf, I made it myself! (she says)

It's got monkeys on it, a Rose family favorite

Getting ready to hit the slopes in Southern Indiana!

So my camera is on the fritz-not that you need a camera to blog but I love posting pictures of the kids! I think it is a stalling technique for me because if you have pictures you really don't have to write that much, and I really don't feel like I am that great of a writer. However, having said that, my camera did seem to recover from it's latest round of injury(it got dropped on the floor for the millionth time!) There was a picture on there from a few weeks ago of Katie and Brian heading out the door to Paoli Peak-a ski slope. It was Katie's first time to hit the snow but Brian said she did really well other than a few incidents with the fence. Every hour or so she would call me from the ski lift with a story or a "Mom, guess what.." She really had fun. Brian said the whole way home she was talking BIG about next time and how she will be able to go on her own and not have to hang out with dad! Oh my!

Since all of the snow has melted and somewhat blue skies and warmer temps have appeared, we find ourselves back outdoors. It's almost like having Christmas again because they really haven't seen their bikes, Rollerblades, scooters or hot wheels since January! We opened the garage door and they were all amazed-gotta love that.

Katie has started sewing with the local 4H club and seems to somewhat like it. I think she is typical in that she so desperately wanted to do this and now a few months into it I find it harder and harder to get her to practice. She did perk up today though because she got to make and take home her first real thing- a scarf. She walked out of there today all puffed up with pride over her new scarf, sashaying over to the van like a movie star! It was cute. She wore it the rest of the night and wanted to wear it to bed but we have this crazy rule about nothing around your neck at night-we're such crazy parents!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I never was a waitress, I think I would spill alot!
These are my girls!(minus Carrie who was home with a newborn)
Mandy and LeeAnn
Aren't we cute!!!

Last week was a fun one to say the least because of all of the snow. This is what the kids live for this time of year....sledding behind the 4 wheeler that DAD drives(not mom). Unfortunatly for mom and dad, one thing that we love this time of year, Parents Nite Out, got cancelled because school was out. It's always nice to have an evening a free babysitting especially when it's at school and SR. T is involved. So, despite what the kids think, Brian and I were much more disappointed than they were when we found out it was a no go! However, we also had other plans that same weekend to head up to our school fundraiser dance on Saturday and thankfully, it was not cancelled. The girls and I(my friends) were ready to break a leg on the dance floor but the music didn't really cooperate. But as Michelle said, If you get lemons, make lemonade! There were lots of photo opportunities of us out there on the floor, thankfully some will never make to the computer(we hope!) The evening flew by much too fast, but good memories were made!

Snow Days