Monday, August 31, 2009

Check this out!!!

I am a follower of a blog called, Beneath My Heart. You can find the cutest ideas for DIY projects for your home there and this "little shelf" is no exception. Head over to her blog to see how easy it would be to make this shelf and maybe win one too! Here's the link :

Friday, August 28, 2009

My girls......

Here they are dressing up like little old ladies....they have on my clothes, even my, err..underlovelies! Somehow Maggie put on hers upside down.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Smoothie's are so good!!

Lip smackin good!!!

Kiss me baby!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is too funny!!!
I love the eyes
Life is tough when you are the youngest of 5. You have to cut your own hair.....
...even if you are only two.....
Tah dah....not too shabby!!
I have always cut the boys hair, actually, Brian's too. And, it's pretty well the same. A #3 on top and #2 on the side-for everyone! But Beau's hair has a little more bounce and is not so thick so I have been letting his grow out longer and snipping it occasionally over the ears. I think it was the night after I took these pics of Beau's hair combed up funny that I decided he needed some clipper time from Mommy. I used the #8's on top but it still seemed so short! He looks cute though, so fresh, even though I miss his little curls at the back:(

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Creation Museum

They loved this camel at the feeding zoo!

Maggie getting ready for a big ol' camel kiss!

Doesn't he just look like he should say" Whatcha talkin bout Willis?"

Photo op in the beautiful gardens

Jack growling at the Triceratops

Brian and I....aren't those T-Rex's arms so little!

Jack and Beau sitting in a section of the museum that is "still evolving"...funny, nothing is there!

The gang posing in front of a replica of Noah's ark

Papa and Jack waiting to see the movie "Men in White"

I think that is a Brontosaurus??

Last week, my dad spent 4 says in Cincinnati attending the Creation college with over 1200 other wisdom seekers. While he was there, my mom stayed with us. She was here to see the completion of the clubhouse and provided the wonderful linoleum floor in it-thanks Mom! Halfway through the week, she took the girls over to Cincinnati where they got to swim, go to the aquarium, the mall and the movies. I think they have now been officially spoiled this summer! The boys and Brian and I drove over Friday night and went to the Creation Museum on Saturday with everyone. I have been wanting to go since it opened in 2007 and had read and heard all of the comments from people who said it was impressive. It was all that and more. First of all, it was CROWDED!!! Which would seem somewhat annoying but I was excited to see over 3500 people walking around experiencing the wonder of creation. In fact, the museum is getting ready to reach it's mark of it's one millionth visitor-way to go! Secondly, it kept my kids attention the whole day. There wasn't any whining, or boredom and we were able to go through each exhibit and explain to the kids what each one was about. I have to say, being able to walk through a small portion of the ark was awesome. The dinosaurs were very realistic and the kids couldn't get enough of them. They have a planetarium and I couldn't help but think as we were watching our solar system,universe and galaxy overhead, what a wonderful and majestic God we have. "God of wonder, beyond our galaxy, You are Holy, Holy"-that song (by Steve Green, I think) is the song that the captain of the Columbia space shuttle, Rick Husband, requested as he viewed the glory outside the windows. I could totally understand why. I think the favorite part of the day for the kids was the petting zoo. The camel there was so friendly and very eager to be fed-we snapped some good photos. All in all, it was a great week and a fabulous way to end the weekend with Mina and Papa.