Friday, March 19, 2010

Giveaway on "Beneath My Heart"

Head over to Traci's blog, Beneath My Heart, to get in on the giveaway action. One of these days, I am going to win one! Today's giveaway is from Leen, the graphics queen. There is virtually nothing that she can't put into a vinyl decal! Any of her graphics would really compliment anybodies decor. So go check it out at: Have a wonderful day:)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Making Pizzas

Loading them up with pepperoni
Our little helpers!

Say Cheese!!!! Lots and lots of cheese!
This past Saturday we cleaned out the garage and gathered our supplies to make "homemade" pizza's-Rose style! Brian' s mom always did this when he was growing up, and now we have gotten in the habit of making these and freezing them for later use. I tell ya, they really come in handy on a busy Friday night, or after long day at the river. We have perfected our recipe a tad each time and always think that current batch is "the best ever!" Our little chefs think it's fun to work the assemble line and we save so much time with all of the help. Off to enjoy one of our pizzas!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Harmony

Katie and Beau goofing off before we leave.....Katie loves to give all the kids piggyback rides!
Swinging on the tire swing at the park-yay for spring!!

He was giggling so much, I couldn't hardly stand it!
This past weekend brought another round of gorgeous, get out there and play weather. Our great friends, the Kesslers, and the TenBarges were down on Saturday and we had a fire outside while the kids played. For some reason, I didn't take any pictures and I should have because the kids were a muddy, fun mess! On Sunday, Brian's brother and sister-in-law, Dave & Tammy, were headed to the New Harmony park so we joined them with our lawn chairs, bikes, snacks and coolers. Brian thought it would be fun for him and the girls to ride their bikes, 21 miles later, my girls and their dad pulled up to the park!! I was so proud of them. I probably would have made it about 10 miles and would have given up but they loved it. It's so awesome to see them enjoy the outdoors and not be afraid of tackling a new adventure. They stopped about half way at a convenience store and picked up some gummy worms and after that, they stopped every few miles for a water break and a few worms-good memories!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Clean Beds

I am pretty impressed with Vann's bed...he did this all by himself!
Even situated his little animals all in row. That is definitely one of the benefits of having older siblings, you learn things by watching-in spite of the teaching from mom and dad! I ventured into Katie and Maggie's room-

Maybe that theory doesn't hold true..... This is the bed of a 9 yr-old! As much as I can't take credit for Vann's structure and cleanliness, I can neither take credit for Katie's "carefree" cleaning attitude. I really have to stay after her to make her bed in the morning, vs. Maggie and Vann, who rise and shine as they happily make their beds. So funny how God has given each us different personalities and character traits that make us unique!