Friday, June 27, 2008


They are harvesting the wheat field across the street from our house which provides hours of entertain-ment if you are a truck/tractor loving boy. I came outside tonight after supper to find the three of them together in our front yard gazing at the 4 tractors and semi with awe! Isn't that a sweet picture?

Vacation at Mom and Dad's

Ashley and Mom
Vann and Maggie

Katie whizzing by on her rollerblades.

Haven't blogged in awhile....we have been gone to Georgia to see Mina and Papa. Ashley, Morgan, T.J. and Courtney came too. It's always good to be together, the kids are so excited they can't hardly stand it. Brian and I are thrilled the drive time is cut down by 5 hours but 8 hours in the car is plenty!!! Everyday we checked out different lakes with beaches and we even rented a pontoon on Lake Burton. The last day was Morgan's birthday and the older kids got to take an hour horseback ride through the Appalachian valley near Dillard, GA. What's the most fun though is watching the kids play and do things they can only do at Mina's and Papa's and see those memories being made. There was no greater vacation to me when I was growing up than going to visit my grandparents. It's always a special time where you get to stay up later, (wake up earlier too!) slumber party with cousins, eat more desserts, get spoiled and just have a great time. Ahh..till next time!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Running in the Sprinkler

Check out Beau's belly!

Today we got out the sprinkler to run through while I watched my nephew Zack. His mom, my sister in law, Tammy, took her girls and mine to swim practice so we kept Zack. The boys had a lot of fun jumping over the water, driving tractors through the water, playing guns through the water and of course riding their bikes through the water. Then they figured out they could do all of that plus wear their boots so they tried that too! It's fun to have cousins so close in age and see how well they all play together. Katie and Mags had their first meet last night and they did awesome. We weren't sure how they would handle swimming an entire lap but they both placed in the top 4! Their favorite part was in between the swimming,hanging out on your towel eating lots of food. Strangely, I remember that being my most favorite part too.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


There is something about boys and boots, they just naturally go together. It doesn't matter what the temperature or activity, boots fit any and all occasions! Today we have been outside playing, swinging and riding bikes. Katie and Maggie are off with their grandparents for a few days of camping so we are going to enjoy some boy time. I caught Vann in the house in the girls swim bag trying on both of their goggles. He thought it was quite hilarious running around with bug eyes.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Deja Vu

Shelby, Katie, Sammy, and Maggie
Here we go again...I can remember this same exact picture with me and Ashley just 25 years ago. Katie and Maggie were so excited to start swim practice, and the excitement included the fact that they got to be with their cousins, Shelby and Samantha. Brian and his brother Dave also joined the city team and will be practicing a couple times a week with the girls, oh no speedo!!