Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Mirror Image

Vann has really taken to coloring and drawing here lately. For the longest time the girls loved to color, cut, paste, tape and do any craft they could get their hands on and the boys have had absolutely no interest in any part of it. Well, just in messing it all up, but that's another story! So anyway, Vann is into stick figure drawings and I am not sure what my first emotion was when he showed me his cute little drawing of a robotic looking person. Oh-that person is me!! As I am smirking at this picture-the eyes, the missing mouth, the short arms, the square bottom, the round thing on my abdomen-wait, what is that round thing??? Vann tells me it's my "little belly". Thanks bud, you just made up for the robot eyes! But, as Brian pointed out,(while totally cracking up), "He thinks you have a square butt!!" HA-gotta love little kids and husbands:)