Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Day in the Life of the Roses

So, many, many things happen everyday at our house that is amusing, unbelievable, memorable, and sometimes downright awful...not sure where this story fits but I need to share it. This is what a blog is for, to capture our lives, I just am not that good at doing that all the time. However, tonight, I had the time and memory to record. Usually we have snack when the girls get home from school, mostly apples. They all like to eat them skin and all so I handed out 5 of them today like I normally do and headed about the house to do whatever...obviously not watching who finished their apple or where exactly they discarded it. So after dinner, Vann needed some assistance in the bathroom and as I go to get him off the pot, why lookie there, a half eaten apple covered in, well, POOP!!! Ugh..Brian has NO IDEA! was the first thought that went through my mind, but then I had to do my duty and fetch it out, oh the fun with boys. By the way,Vann saw it in there before he went, but it was cool to have an apple in the pot mom!

Family pics

What a day..trying to get 7 brown dressed people to all look at the camera!!! It was difficult needless to say but we got a few keepers, just not really the ones that include us! This top one is my favorite, and I don't know what Vann is doing in the bottom one.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The boys....

This is the official "He Man Woman Haters Club" on county road 450 West!! Ok, not yet but I can see a future of not liking girls followed by liking them...oh no!! My three are playing with their buddies Ethan and Alex at our house this morning. You can never have enough tractors, trucks and bikes with these guys.

Friday, September 19, 2008

What do you think??

So what do you think of your new blog look??

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Apple Butter

Today I watched my friends' children. Carrie is my good friend and neighbor and needed someone to watch her two little ones while she had a meeting. She is so kind and generous and thoughtful and creative and a really good cook(I want to be her when I grow up!) and she brought us down a little basket of food for lunch and a gift of HOMEMADE apple butter!!!Yummy!!! Look at how cute this basket is and how happy I am to get my butter.

Camping with the Tenbarges!!

A few times a year, a group of our friends and us head out to the great wilderness to camp and we went to the very beautiful McCormick's Creek this past weekend. We met up with our friends, the TenBarges, who live in Indy. They have three kids similar in age to some of ours and they are just tons of fun to be around! Somehow we always manage to have a great time no matter what the weather or kids seem to throw at us. We played in the creek, fully clothed, made sassafrass necklaces at the nature center(thanks Brian) and hiked through Wolf's cave.(well some of us did!) By the way, that's Jack flashing his hiney. When you gotta go, you gotta go!


We finally decided to give into the relentless requests from Katie to have a sleepover! It wasn't that we really thought it would be that bad it's just that we knew it would be a giant Pandora's box. But needless to say, her friend Abby came over and they had a great time. Abby really got an eye opener since she is the youngest in her family by quite a few years compared to the busy house we operate with 3 toddlers! The girls played dress up in some of my clothes sometime during the night and I captured it on the camera. Nice outfits girls!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Uncle Courtney

A few weeks ago I took the kids to a water park and Jack found a little figurine from the "Happy Feet" movie, a short, pudgy, flat topped penguin. He was so excited and played with it in the pool everywhere. He proclaimed at the end of the day that he named it "Corny" or so I thought. Upon clarification he said "No, Mom, Courtney." I thought it was sweet, so I said "Yeah, like Aunt Courtney" even though thinking it funny that Jack remotely thinks of her as a penguin to which he replied, "No, like Uncle Courtney!" Hysterical! I told Courtney and we cracked up. Jack is still walking around with Uncle Courtney.