Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let's go back in time

I know that most people have seen the "better" one of this on Facebook, when I got them all to look at the camera. I thought this was pretty cute though, and way more realistic!! They were checking out Dad, standing to my right. This is getting ready to head to church to celebrate Easter. Yay, HE has risen!!!
Beau, showing off his Reese's egg.....mom and dad's favorite!!
Racing up the hill to search for more eggs and candy.
After the hunt...
Hanging out on the back porch, going over and mostly eating, the goods.

I can go so back and forth with my blog. Mostly, I am full force on posting nada. I don't know why I don't? It really takes no time and it is such a valuable way to capture our life. My sister has told me about a way that I can print out my blog yearly to keep as albums. I really love this idea and plan on doing that. I think it will be such a treasure to look back on when we are older. Anyway, these are a few pictures of us celebrating on Easter. Our family tradition is to celebrate Mass on Sunday morning, then head home to a surprise of eggs and candy on the lawn to hunt. After that, we always join our extended family at Brian's uncle's house. It was such a beautiful day and joyful reminder of what Jesus sacrificed for us so that we could be with Him in heaven! Wonderful!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Recap.....

Katie and Maggie's soccer team, they named themselves the
"Orange Crush". Cute, cute girls on this team!
The girls warming up with coach Brian...they love playing for their dad! I know I am a biased observer, but the team had their best game yet on Saturday. It was great to see them communicate on the field together and really incorporate the teamwork mentality into their game. My girls each scored 2 goals a peice, not to mention the other girls who scored as well. It was fun!
Jack, just a swingin'
Vann too!

Brian was working overtime this weekend around the house. One of his many projects was to get the boat ready. Boating season is just around the corner-yipee!

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Wreaths

I know I am not as creative as most people, but I was pleased how my new spring wreaths turned out for my doors. This is the front door......

and this is the back. Stay tuned for the BIG brick painting reveal....coming soon:)

Port St. Joe

Heading down, ready for some fun in the sun....but first, Beau caught up on his napping, beach style!
Our humble abode for the week, looks like a bomb exploded and we just got there! I tell ya', you have to get one with the sand when you camp on the beach. It's EVERYWHERE!!

Brian's getting ready to try and catch us some fish for supper. No such luck though. So, we headed into town where the local fisherman brought in the fresh catch of oysters, shrimp, and scallops. I think we bought 60#'s of oysters....mmmm, good!

Playing in the ocean with cousins

Katie was this close to learning how to skim. And I almost got on to try to show her how to do it, but then I remembered, I don't know how to do it!!
The girls were so brave! I think the air temp that day was 65 and the water temp was around 63!
Beau, once again, catching up on his naps.
Shelby and Katie enjoying a game of horseshoes.

They could pass for sisters, couldn't they?