Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More First Communion Pics......

Katie and her godparents, Tammy and Dave (Brian's brother)
Katie's lamb cake.....a tradition that Grandma Rose makes

Katie and her teacher, Mrs. Dill...who is fast approaching her due date!!

Katie and Maggie

Grandma and Grandpa Rose and Mina and Papa

The proud parents

Monday, May 11, 2009

Life is Good.....

My little Superman, Beau, at the race track
Katie bundled up, ready for the next race with her ear plugs is SUPER loud!
Jack "cheezin" it for real-those would be cheez-its in his mouth!
Little spectators
Brian and his mini me-Vann
I thought this was funny. When my parents left last Monday, the boys put their masks on to wave good-bye to them. What, you don't do that when your guests leave??!???

Ok....I think I am actually caught up on my real time post!(Does that make sense???) Well, anyway, I have a few pictures from this last week of the fun we've had. On Friday night, we had a marshmallow roast on the back patio while we looked at the moon through the telescope. Needless to say we were quite sticky with marshmallow goo from our head to our toes. The moon was also alot easier to see when NOT looking through a lens that 3 boys were "helping" with! It was alot of fun and a truly simple way to spend the evening with the kids. On Saturday, the girls had their last soccer game. They lost 2-0 BUT that was the smallest gap they had all season and the team really did improve each game. I may have pictures of them playing as soon as I get my dad's developed. Saturday night we headed up to Tri-State Speedway for some sprint car action! The kids loved the loud noise of the engines, the tractors that graded the track in between races, drinking coke after coke(totally a treat!!), and the two wrecks we saw. It was action packed and lasted until 11:30p.m (Mom was exhausted by the way) We spent a lazy Sunday recouping from our weekend after celebrating Mother's Day at is good!!!

Katie's First Communion

The girls in the 2nd grade at Holy Cross
What a sweet pose!
So lovely......
Getting ready for her big celebration
Katie and her best friend Kennedy
Kennedy and Katie again
The girls skipping into church

Before we knew it, Katie grew up!!! It just seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital without a clue how to be parents other than to love......and now she is blossoming into a little young lady. Her first communion was a most precious day that we will always remember. Her heart has been prepared to receive Jesus not only in belief in Him, but through his sacrifice at the last supper. It was so humbling to see these precious little 8 year olds eagerly accept Him and celebrate Him, and I look forward to doing this again 4 more times:)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Program at School

Katie and some of her friends from 2nd grade
The 5th grade performing a dramatization of the temptations in our life and how God is there for us through it all
Katie and Maggie
The cutest thing I ever saw....this little guy showed off his talent of pogo-ing!
Katie and her best friend Kennedy performing a poem of a seamstress, a carpenter and a captain...Sail On!!!

Camping with the TenBarge's

Technical diffficulties with Beau
Our goofballs, Brian and Barry

Maggie, Katie and Kaylee

Our first camping trip of the season was a wet one, for sure. We headed to our favorite spot at Shakamak with our good friends the TenBarge's. It was good to get back in the swing of things, good to see our friends after a few months, good to play at the park all weekend, and best of all, we did it in the rain!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Michael Steele addressing the sold out crowd
Sarah Palin making that face! You Betcha'!
One Nation, One Cause
Govenor Palin and the first dude, Todd, walking through the crowd.
The Thursday after Easter, Brian and I went to the annual Vanderburgh County Right to Life Banquet. The keynote speaker this year was Micheal Steele, the head of the RNC and Brian and I both thought we would enjoy to hear him speak regarding his pro-life commitment. Just weeks prior to the event though, we found out that there would be a "special" guest speaker and it was none other than Sarah Palin herself. Many of you know what a huge supporter I was of her and how I really admired her support and commitment to the pro-life movement, among other things. Well, needless to say, it was a powerful evening with an uplifting message of hope and possibilities for the future. It really was amazing to see that many people and businesses gathered together for one cause and truly an honor to be in Sarah Palin's presence. She is a remarkable person with tons of personality, wit, compassion, wisdom and humor. Matthew West was also there, singing out his soul for his love of Jesus and love of life. It was also amazing to see how many people brought their children to the event, they were truly welcome. Others brought their ultrasound pictures of their little ones proudly displaying the life they had in their womb. I certainly pray that one day we will be able to come together as a nation strong, strong in the defense of the weak, strong in the opposition of abortion, strong in the love of children and the blessing they bestow on us, strong in voice in the support of life, much like Sarah Palin has!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Don't you just love Jack's face.....I think he thinks he is DONE with taking pictures!
I love this one-Maggie barely stopped as she grabbed this egg and was off to another
I will know for next time that trying to take a pic with them into the sun doesn't really work!
Vann at Grandma's
All of the kids waiting to go "hunt"
Obviously I am a little behind on my calendar. No it is not Easter, but I am trying to post what I should have been doing for the past three weeks. First thing I missed was one of the most important celebrations of the year!! Brian had Good Friday off and we went to the passion Mass that day to see the high school youth re-enact the last few hours of Jesus' life on Earth. It was powerful and always has such a strong impact on the kids to see it visually instead of just through the gospel reading. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Roses on Saturday after soccer games for a big egg hunt with our cousins and lots and lots of chocolate. Katie only had one more day until she could FINALLY taste it! Giving up chocolate was quite a sacrifice for her.
On Sunday, we celebrated Mass and the fact that Jesus did come out of the tomb alive-praise God!! We got home to find some "treasures" hidden around our yard before heading out to Brian's uncles house for a big feast. OK, hopefully I can catch you up another week on my next post.