Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Working and Babysitting

We have been pretty busy here lately because I worked 5 days last week which set us back a bit. I have piles of laundry, dust and who knows what else all over the house but that's okay because the kids had fun. The boys went to their babysitter, Miss Ruthy, and the girls got to stay at home with their cousin Emily. They got to be so "independent" and pick out their clothes, what they wanted to eat and what they wanted to do for the day. Emily did crafts with them, played with them outside, helped them take care of their new kittens and let them watch movies. They thought it was a dream come true. I found a couple of pictures that they took one day(they aren't supposed to use the camera) and they are actually pretty cute!

Root Beer Floats

I surprised the kids the other night with one of their favorite treats, root beer floats. As you can see, it was a hit!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Down at Lake Barkley...

4th of July!

the kids on the first day excited to get the boat in

Who doesn't love fireworks? We sure do! I think they are even more magical out on the boat watching them burst over the lake reflecting on the rippled water.(the picture never does it justice) We were at Barkley Lake this past weekend celebrating our wonderful country's independence, thankful for our freedom, and thankful to the men and women who fight and have fought to maintain it. God Bless America!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

As A Parent...

I believe, as a Christian parent, the single most important job to do is to introduce your child to God. I want my children to get to know Him, trust Him and obey Him. Since they were all little, we have read to them from their children's Bible the accounts of the Old Testament and the life and ministry of Jesus. It is always precious to see how receptive they are and eager to learn more.. Now that Katie and Maggie can read I got them their own child's daily devotional to do at bedtime. It started July 1 and they actually were able to use their Bible with small print( and no pictures) and learn how to use it by book, chapter and verse. It is a whole new world of wonder as they are able to learn and even memorize passages, as well as help their mom keep up with her daily reading! May we all be humble and innocent like children and eager to recieve His Word.