Friday, August 27, 2010

Peace out-It's river time:)

Barn Re-do

Here is our lovely little pole barn that houses practically everything, all peachy, trimmed in dark brown. Niiiicccceeee.

This is our house painter who generously came over to spray the barn so that it would go quicker than rolling it-we love him!! It only took him like 45 minutes to spray the whole entire thing! is Brian, trimming it out in white, which took about 8 hours!!

Ta-da!!! I really love it! It is a neutral khaki and our house is going to be a shade darker with white trim as well.

The bonus is that now we are going to landscape around the garage to make it even more visually appearing. Brian, who can never start a project without completely finishing it, jumped right in and has been getting this underway already. So much for a week or so in between things to rest. He has already layed the pavers around most of the garage, with our plants and rocks to come this week. It's so fun to make improvements on the house:)

Friday, August 20, 2010

A 4th grader, a 3rd grader and what??!!! a Kindergartener too!

Here they are on the first day of school-how could it be that summer is already gone?
Vann with his "reverse" hair-do. It was spiked in the front and combed down in the back but as time went on this morning, it switched!
Heading down the drive way to catch the bus-talking about trading silly bands.
Another shot of the house-possibly getting painted very soon. We thought that all summer though!!

I, by all accounts of the definition, am not a blogger. When I get busy, I don't stop and capture our events in this blog as I should. And who am I kidding, "when I get busy"....I am always busy. We have had such a wonderful summer, it was a shame that I didn't keep track of it better. It's so hard to pull out all of the details 2 months later. We spent a week with my parents in Georgia, along with my sisters and their families, headed down to Barkley Lake for some boating adventures and went out to Colorado for 10 days. In between all that, we swam on the city swim team, worked a little, read tons of books for the library club, had slumber parties in the clubhouse, and spent many a long summer nights playing outside. It was wonderful. So, now, we are back in "routine" mode. Early bedtimes, packing backpacks, homework, soccer and cross country practices, and scheduled work days for me. But soon, before we know it, another season will be upon us and it won't be long until those glorious summer days will be back.