Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boat Trip

Brian and I took the girls out of school Friday and headed down to the river with the whole fam. We traveled to Barkley lake on water starting at Evansville and locking through 3 dams before reaching our campground on the water at Barkley. It was a relaxing, family filled weekend with lots of laughter and triumphs as Katie, Maggie and Vann excelled in their watersports. Katie has the fearlessness and determination of her dad and skiied across the wake this weekend which was a big surprise to everyone! She also kneeboarded and came close to completing a 360 ( I guess you'd call it a 180) She watched Brian slalom and then said"Dad, now how do I jump those wakes like you and do it on one ski?" She'll probably be doing it soon. Now Maggie, is a little bit different story. She is a little more reserved like me and worried about things that might be lurking in the water and getting hurt if she falls. However, she braved the kneeboard like she did when she was an uncaring 5 year old and had fun. Vann tubed with Katie and practiced his fearlessness by asking to kneeboard. He is just so tiny but he managed to pull himself up and kneel on the board. He looked like a little frog on it! They also experienced sleeping in a tent for the first time and loved it! No more sleeping in the pop-up for them so they think. All in all it was a great weekend.


Vann started pre-school yesterday, a BIG day for everyone. He has definitely been my most strong-willed and independent child but he handled the day, mostly, well. But, his strong will peaked through at an incident at the end of school when I came to pick him and 2 other little classmates up. He was fine until it was time to leave and he realized that he would have to LEAVE his school supplies at school. In his mind, those were his to bring back home and there was just no reasoning with the little guy. So, we had to take the rest of the day explaining that he needed to keep those at school and also that when mommy explains something to him he needs to obey and say okay! That's something that we say and reiterate quite often at the Rose house! We hope Thursday will go a little bit smoother at pick up but sometimes, you just never know.

Katie learned to cross the wake

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cool Pics from Boating This summer

Back to School

It seems like I just blogged about the girls getting out of school, of course ,I didn't blog as frequently this summer as I wanted. Well, the new school year is upon us. Katie is a big 2nd grader complete with a day planner and study guide (oh great!) and Maggie is a bouncy 1st grader excited to take her first tests! This summer was one of swimming, playing, lounging, boating, camping and hanging out with family and friends. We're sad it is over but excited for all of the new adventures to come! Vann starts pre-school August 26 and it might be nice to have just the two little ones to myself for a couple of hours, especially now that Jack is potty trained(see the blog below!)

Eating Blackberries

Hey, what you got......
Try it.....
This captures it all.......... Of course he likes it........

Captain Underpants!!!!!

Our hero......Captain Underpants!

Ok, we got a streaker here! I'm trying to successfully potty train Jack and it seems that not wearing any underwear suited his schedule today! You would think it would hurt to ride a bike like that........