Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at the Roses

Jack was excited to get his Easter eggs with his team.

Everyone lined up to start the chase...

I love this!! Look at my niece Sammy running wild to get an egg. The younger cousins got to start first, followed by the 4 older girls.

My niece Ruthie running in her prize:)

Here's Beau finishing hard!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Brian patiently played Sequence with his boys tonight, it was sweet to watch them in action.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vann's haircut

Here he is all long haired and hippy like(to some people)

A mid whacking picture. I cut first with scissors because it was so long, I thought it might break our clippers. A note to myself for next time, no need to cut it quite so short with the scissors!

As soon as I was done, he took off for a quick run to see if he was indeed faster. Yep, he was.

Piles of hair on our porch.


The new and improved hair cut. I like it. I forgot what this little man looked like all buzzed. Or "bold", as Vann calls it.

Spring Fun and 1/2 Marathons

Sorry about the fuzzy pics, it's either b/c I had my camera in the wrong setting or just that the kids were moving that fast in the warm sun! Something we haven't gotten to do at our house in 5 months. Oh how much we love spring time:)

A little bit of this from Vann....

...and some of this from Mags......

Of course the scooters were out in full force

They had a bouncy ball that they were all playing catch with, it was fun to watch them all run all over to the erratic bounce of the ball and be the ONE to get it.

On Sunday, we headed down to the 4H fairgrounds to cheer in Brian and our friend Barry, who were finishing the 1/2 marathon. The kids finally caught of glimpse of their daddies.

About to run across the finish line!!!

Post race activities are never complete without a celebratory beer-at 10 in the morning no less!

The proud daddies with all of the kiddos!! Way to go Brian and Barry:)