Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Working and Babysitting

We have been pretty busy here lately because I worked 5 days last week which set us back a bit. I have piles of laundry, dust and who knows what else all over the house but that's okay because the kids had fun. The boys went to their babysitter, Miss Ruthy, and the girls got to stay at home with their cousin Emily. They got to be so "independent" and pick out their clothes, what they wanted to eat and what they wanted to do for the day. Emily did crafts with them, played with them outside, helped them take care of their new kittens and let them watch movies. They thought it was a dream come true. I found a couple of pictures that they took one day(they aren't supposed to use the camera) and they are actually pretty cute!

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Woodard Gang said...

sounds like they had so much fun with emily and being...independent! miss you all and love ya!