Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys!

Maggie and Sammy
Katie and Shelby

Griffin, Vann, Zack and Ruthy

Beau really concentrating on a wish

"We can eat cake" says Jack

We celebrated Jack's and Beau's Birthday this past Sunday with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins over at our house(of course we missed the Mossman side of the family) It was fun, we had 11 children playing all throughout the house, enjoying new toys and giggling everywhere they went. We were blessed with an abundance of tractors and trucks, which you can really never have enough of with three boys. It's hard to believe that my baby, Beau, is 2 years old now, so close to being potty trained and getting more independent everyday! Jack, who has actually been 3 for two weeks, relishes the fact that he is the same age of his older brother. Vann will turn 4 in two weeks but has a hard time understanding how Jack and he are "free" as he says with a confused look! Jack's favorite part, hands down, though, is eating the cake!! That little guy loves his birthday cakes.

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