Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas in Clarkesville

Beau on the carousel
Happy Jack
Hip Hip Hooray for the Fun Factory
Mom, Ashley, Courtney and I went to water aerobics at mom's gym. That's the last time I make fun of water aerobics.....it kicked my booty!!!!
Jack with his new boots and me with my new Brazilian flip flops from Ash's trip to Brazil.
Ashley made each of the girls these namesake signs...too cute!

We went to my parents for the week after Christmas to visit with them and my two sisters and families. There were 7 adults and 7 kids so at least we were 1:1!! It's always a little crazy, a little crowded and always tons of fun when we are together. I love to see my kids play with their cousins and enjoy the wonderful surroundings of my parents property. They built forts, played hide and seek in the woods, and I think I saw them play the Wii a time or two! Us adults didn't have it too bad, staying up late playing games or watching movies and of course, EATING!! We had hoped to go snow tubing but the weather didn't cooperate so we headed up to the Fun Factory in North Carolina for a few hours of, well, fun. This place was HUGE. It had video games, laser tag, bumper cars, a carousel, a bounce zone, putt-putt golf, a bowling alley and a pizza buffet all under one roof! Needless to say we had a blast.....thank you Mom and Dad!!


Woodard Gang said...

Great pics...I didn't have any of the ones you took so it was fun seeing different ones! Miss ya!

Sam and Harper said...

It looks like you guys had a great time together:) How nice to have the family all together...