Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brian did the Half!!

Brian has been training for a marathon since last January, part of his bucket list. He has done a few triathalons and his next sight was focused on a marathon. Unfortunately, half way through his training he developed some type of hip/muscle pain that took him out of training for a little while. He almost scrapped the idea of running at all, but his hip began to cooperate(thanks to a little physical therapy from his #1 fan!) and he was back in the game for a half marathon. Our good friend Barry was also training too, and they ran the Indy 1/2 last weekend in the most gorgeous weather you could ask for in November. Brian beat his goal time of 2 hours and ran it in 1:57. We also got to stay at our friends' house over the weekend which was basically a giant slumber party and we had the best time! Brian is trying to convince me to run the 1/2 in Evansville in April and I am considering it....we'll leave it at that for now:)

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