Thursday, March 19, 2009

My new Camera....

Can't you just tell how much fun they were having-look at Vann's legs!!
This would be Beau, changing his mind AGAIN on getting in/out of the swing.
Jack and Ruthy
I finally got a little bit of free time squeezed in between 5 kids to research cameras and decided on getting a Fujifilm finepix instead of going the Nikon d40 route. Maybe in the future I will get a Nikon. As for now, I am just thrilled to have a camera that actually works and doesn't suck the life out of my fresh batteries! It is GORGEOUS here in Indiana. If only the weather could stay like this for months! We hit the park this week like it hasn't been 4 months since the last time we were there. Some days we went twice!! I got some cute pictures of the kids, mostly of Jack, since he stood still the longest. My niece and nephew were with us in some of the pics. This has also been a big week for us because we are counting down until Saturday morning. We leave to head to Port St. Joe, FL to camp on the beach with Brian's entire family. His mom and dad have a motor home and have been down there for a few weeks already and Brian's brother and sister(and their families) are all headed down on Saturday as well. It should be fun and provide me lots of opportunities to snap some photos. Have a great week everyone and I will check in later:)


Misty said...

The pics look great. Yeah for you!! Have fun next week, camping on the beach sounds dreamy! I thought this was the week with your family. I'm all mixed up. See ya when you get home.

Amy said...

Congrats on the new camera. We had a battery sucker before too. Isn't that the worst!! Enjoy!